Flyme _notification icons not displayed _why?



2016-01-22 21:26

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Edited by Krsman at 2016-01-22 18:58

Hello everyone,
A simple question - why is it that Meizu/Flyme does not allow apps to display their own notification icons in the notification bar?
This is a native Android functionality that is very useful when such notification icons are displayed to show information.
For example, if I'm using Tasker (or a similar app) and I set it up to show different icons for each activated profile, Flyme does not allow this, and instead only shows the generic icon (that looks like a horizontal number 8).
Or if I set up a reminder alert, its icon is never shown in the notification bar. Instead, an icon resmbling a chat/message bubble is shown.

I'd like Flyme admins or engineers to respond to this issue, because Android allows different notification icons by default, and yet Flyme engineers decided to prevent it.

Thank you.
My device: Meizu M2